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Tiger by the Tail

Tiger by the Tail
Title: Tiger by the Tail
: 3.0 of 5, readers votes - 1
Serie:Paladin of Shadow
Genre: action
Annotation:A new addition to the Paladin of Shadows military adventure series by multiple *New York Times* best seller John Ringo and Ryan Sear. Sequel to *Ghost* , *Kildar* , *Choosers of the Slain,* *Unto the Breach* and *A Deeper Blue*.
After saving America from Middle Eastern terrorists, even Mike Harmon and the Keldara could use a vacation. Of course, the Kildars idea of a vacation includes taking down pirates in the Singapore Straits. But when he finds computer chips designed to run nuclear reactors in the pirate booty, Harmon has a new mission thrust upon himdiscover how bottom-feeding thieves got their hands on top-secret technology.
The chips are headed for newly democratic Myanmar, a country vital to American interests in the region. Now Harmon finds himself in a desperate race to learn who stole the chips and why. From glittering Hong Kong to the slums of Thailand to the swamps of Myanmar, Harmon and his Keldara team follow a trail of death and deceit across the glittering underbelly of Southeast Asia.
And as the path winds through dark jungle and slave labor camps to the heart of newborn democracy, Harmon must devise a way to prevent the nasty overthrow of a nations capital by totalitarian tyrants. But if theres one thing Mike and the Keldara specialize in, its doing what it takes to give freedom a chance.
[Ringos SF is] peopled with three-dimensional characters and spiced with personal drama as well as tactical finesse. *Library Journal*
. . . explosive. . . . Fans of strong military SF will appreciate Ringos lively narrative and flavorful characters. *Publishers Weekly*
The interstellar skullduggery is thick, and the final action sequence . . . is practically impossible not to read in one sitting . . . exceedingly impressive . . . executed with skill, verve, and wit. *Booklist*
Ringo provides a textbook example of how a novel in the military SF subgenre *should* be written. . . . Crackerjack storytelling. *Starlog*
### About the Author
John Ringo began writing for Baen in 2000 with his first release *A Hymn Before Battle* the first novel in his Posleen Warswhich has become a *New York Times* best-selling series with **over one million copies in print**. The series continued with *Gust Front* , *When the Devil Dances* , *Hells Faire* and *Eye of the Storm*. In addition, Ringo has penned the Council War series: *There Will be Dragons* , *Emerald **Sea *,* Against the Tide *, and* East of the Sun, West of the Moon *. Adding another dimension to his skills, Ringo created nationally best-selling techno-thriller novels about Mike Harmon (* Ghost *,* Kildar *,* Choosers of the Slain *,* Unto the Breach *, and* A Deeper Blue *). His latest techno-thriller,* The Last Centurion *,* *was also a national best seller. A more playful twist on the future is found in novels of the Looking-Glass series:* Into the Looking Glass *,* Vorpal Blade *,* Manxome Foe *and* Claws That Catch *, the last three in collaboration with Travis S. Taylor. His audience was further enhanced with four collaborations with fellow* New York Times *best-selling author David Weber:* March Upcountry *,* March to the Sea *,* March to the Stars *and* We Few *. There are an additional five collaborative spinoffs from the Posleen series:* The **Hero*, written with Michael Z. Williamson, *Watch on the Rhine* , *Yellow Eyes* and *The Tuloriad* , all written with Tom Kratman, and the *New York Times* best seller *Callys War* and its sequels *Sister Time* and *Honor of the Clan* , both with Julie Cochrane. A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, he brings first-hand knowledge of military operations to his fiction.

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